Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Know More about Gas Chlorination

Chlorine is broadly used as the main disinfecting ingredient for gas chlorination treatments in the water industry. Chlorine acts as a fast oxidizing agent treat organic taste and odour and produce a free-chlorine residual. 

Purpose of Chlorination 

  • Chlorination is basically used for disinfection and oxidation in water treatment. 
  • Chlorine can directly destroy the bacterial cell. 
  • Chlorine deactivates the enzymes which enable the cells to use food, thus starving the organisms. 

Elemental Chlorine 

Elemental chlorine is liquid or gaseous in form. 

Chlorine gas can be compressed to a point where it liquifies. Cylinders contain both liquid chlorine 

(about 85%) and gas chlorine (about 15%). In its gaseous form, it is 2.5 times heavier than air. 

Liquid chlorine rapidly vaporizes to gas when unpressurized.One volume of liquid chlorine provides about 450 volumes of gas chlorine. 

The gas chlorination has proven a safe and potent way to disinfect water supplies. Chlorine gas is not considered to be harmful, but it is a respiratory, eye and skin irritant. Chlorine gas can cause breathing difficulties and even suffocation in very high concentrations. 

Chlorine is not explosive, but it can support combustion. All forms of chlorine must be used and handled with proper knowledge, care, and respect in order to eliminate the potential for unsafe conditions. 


The disinfection of potable water is one of the most standard chlorine applications. In addition to being a potent but economical disinfectant. Gas chlorine is also used to disinfect treated wastewater and reclaimed water. 

Many industries also use gas chlorine for various applications, including cooling water and intakes, aluminium or gold fluxing, pulp and paper, food and beverage, rubber glove manufacturing, flour bleaching, and more. 

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