Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Advantages of Chlorine Vaporizer

We manufacture a complete line of Chlorination System feed and related tools for Chlorine Vaporizer Roller Supports, Manifold, Lifting Beam, Valves, etc. Industrial Devices has focused on producing the most durable equipment on the market. Our equipment is Designed by machining (rather than injection moulding) the finest and perfect materials available for each application.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Chlorine Dosing System Manufacturer India.The 80% of the produced chlorine is used for organic and inorganic chemicals synthesis whereas the remaining 20% is put into use by disinfection industry. Chlorine vaporizer is available in the market due to easy in transport and storage. A vaporizer has to be employed for controlled usage of chlorine in manufacturing industries and for sale dosage in disinfection industries.

Chlorine vaporizer is recommended when higher continuous chlorine gas feed rate is needed. Chlorine gas can be directly withdrawn from ton containers.but the discharge rates are about 1.5-2kg/day/. As direct heating of ton container is also not possible, a vaporizer has to be employed for higher capacity requirements.

Advantages of establishing Chlorine Vaporizer:

  • Large Capacities can be handled
  • High Heat transfer Area
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Easy to dismantle for clearing of tubes and inspection
  • Maximum super heat available
  • Easy to erect and commission
Why Choose Industrial Devices for chlorine vaporizer?

Industrial device Gas chlorination Vaporiser equipment is actually the finest and first-rate on the market. What we show us different from all of our competitors? Here are some important key points:

We Give Perfect to take care in assembly and testing to make sure all our customer's products are in perfect working order.

We Provide immediate shipment for all stock products.

We machine all of our parts from a solid stock of the finest and perfect components available. Our body parts are manufactured from PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride) stock and will not Damaged or corrupt. This avoids leaks and greatly decrease repair charges.

Our material selection and manufacture are designed for maximum Duration and rust resistance resist.

we offer the finest inlet filter available for up to 100 PPD (2 kg/hr) feed rates.

Call us +91-11-46612574 to find out more about why you should choose Industrial Devices for chlorine vaporizer.

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